Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci
Aliases: Mastro, Leonardo, da Vinci
Location: Florence
Role: Military Engineer
First Appearance: The Hanged Man
Portrayed by: Tom Riley

Leonardo da Vinci was an artist, mechanical engineer and extraordinaire in mostly all categories. He was employed by the Medici family to engineer and design war weapons for a possible attack from the Vatican.


At six months old, Leonardo was watched over by an Eagle. His mother sent the creature away in order to protect Leonardo. On that day, Leonardo lost his mother and he cannot remember her face.

When he was a teenager, he crossed farm fields and found a cave. While inside he did something unmentionable. Leonardo can only remember exiting the cave with blood on his hands.


In 1477, Leonardo paid Vanessa to pose for him so that he could draw pictures. Nico, his assistant, arrived to test his latest flying machine. Controlling the horses, Leonardo begins to pick up speed and watches happily as Nico rises steadily upwards into the air. Later, in the heart of Florence, Leonardo spies Lucrezia Donati whom he fancies. Nico warns him, however he pursues these feelings.

Leonardo in the Roman Ruins

Leonardo listens to Al-Rahim's predictions

The artist later saves Morgante from hassle with Giuliano Medici, who wants to see the mechanical dove. Leonardo finally reveals it to him from within a security-tight chest. He demonstrates the engineering by allowing the "colombino" to fly down the street. The Guiliano and his adviser are impressed. While in his quarters, Leonardo falls asleep and dreams about his past and how he found the cave. Frightened, he awakens quickly, startling Andrea Verrocchio who arrives in assistance. Losing his temper, Leonardo throws his dove design into the fire, believing he is a failure.

In the city, Leonardo buys some Starlings from a haggler in order for Nico to release them and he can draw their flight movement. The Bird Seller is startled, however watches as Leonardo draws their movement immaculately. Inside a bar, Leonardo and Nico meet up with Zoroaster. Leonardo refuses to draw Boticelli again as the apprentice walks over. Zoroaster shows Leonardo his latest invention, the Tarot Cards, which Leonardo plays. Noticing a fight about to brew, Leonardo interferes with some Medici guards, lead by Dragonetti. He disarms them all by saving Al-Rahim, a Turk, who offers for Leonardo to see him for psychological reasons.

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