Lucrezia Donati
Lucrezia Donati
Aliases: Lucrezia
Location: Florence
Role: Lorenzo Medici's wife
First Appearance: The Hanged Man
Portrayed by: Laura Haddock

Lucrezia Donati was the husband of Lorenzo Medici.


Noticing that Leonardo da Vinci was looking at her, she grew affections towards him.

In the Florence, Carnival, she was impressed by the mechanical dove that created beautiful fireworks. In watching this, she joined Leonardo for a night of passion where she studied his drawings and answered his questions.

In disguise, she was taken by Count Girolamo Riario to the Vatican Archives where she was revealed as a traitor to the Medici family and instead an agent for Girolamo in Florence. She told Lupo Mercuri that Leonardo was now aware of the Book of Leaves because of Al-Rahim, the Turk.


Series One