Pope Sixtus IV
Pope Sixtus IV
Aliases: Pope, Lord
Location: Vatican
Role: Leader of the Catholic Church
First Appearance: The Hanged Man
Portrayed by: James Faulkner

Pope Sixtus IV was a homosexual leader of the Catholic Church.


He and Count Girolamo Riario called upon Visconti to assassinate the Duke of Milan in order to gain more power of the Medici family. He was grateful for its success.

He visited the Vatican Archives in order to discuss their future plans to push against the Medici clan with Francesco Pazzi and the curator, Lupo Mercuri. Girolamo arrived with his agent, Lucrezia Donati, whom the Pope was impressed with. He decided that they needed to deal with Leonardo da Vinci who seemed to be causing too much trouble and was helping Lorenzo Medici in a damaging way.


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